Avianca A320neo Mask

Source: Aircraft Photo of N930AV | Airbus A320-251N | Avianca | #639635

Hello Community Today Id would like to add this avianca A320neo with the mask on and with the new titles, avianca currently features 4 liveries on there neos, one of them which is this one, I personally think this is a great looking one. I hope you guys would consider this beautiful livery

This has my vote. Although their current livery removed part of the painting in the tail section and replaced the “A” with “a”, I prefer this one more.

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sadly that’s an old livery, it’s like if you request an etihad old livery that still exist within etihads fleet, it wont get accepted even if the aircraft still exists bcs the airline has a main livery, now there are only 2 valid aviancas,

  1. HK-5365


  1. N920CG

both contain the new letter, avianca officially didn’t state any change to its livery rather than the new letter, so I guess both the old and the new are official as far as they have the new letter.

PD: I’ll try to find a new avianca A320Neo with the new letter and old livery with the raccoon mask because it looks cooler.

ok I found the one with the raccoon mask.


you could request both tho

I think we’re all in agreement that the older livery is better


Yeah that’s why I requested it

Voted off course 🫡

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Thx, hope to see it at VA soon

I love them all! Though I have a small preference for the half painted tail

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still it goes against the rules so u should change the pic

put this one or another
but the aircraft registration you have has the old letter which is the old livery, therefore it should be changed

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Ok Ill change the pic but avianca still has some of this planes

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So like it would still count

I mean…

the old A is temporary while they change all the As


Alr done, but Im very sad to do this change ☹️

same tbh, the old A wasnt bad at all, aviancas rebranding was jsut stupid


Facts, they could’ve spent that money on making their service better

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or acquiring more long haul aircrafts, my dream will be always to see an Avianca A350-1000 although it will never happen bcs of bogotas altitude

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Yeah, such a shame avianca’s new management, they retired their 330s even tho they need them for BOG - LAX

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