Avianca A320-200/SEQM-SKBO

Hey guys 👋 Flew with the Avianca A320-200 from Quito Mariscal Sucre Int’l Airport (SEQM) to Bogota El Dorado Int’l Airport (SKBO). Hope you all enjoy ☺️

Server- Expert
Flight time- 1hr 6mins
Aircraft- A320-200
Airline- Avianca
Cruising altitude- FL360

  1. At SEQM

  1. Taxiing to Runway 36

  1. Rotate!

  1. Cruising at FL360

  1. Final approach runway 13R

  1. Touch down!

  1. Parked in SKBO


Awesome! I just got finished with a flight from Rio to Bogota, but you probably landed about 40 minutes before me.

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Haha, should have waited for you 😄

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haha, no worries!

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