Avianca A319 Hits Pyrotechnic Balloon on Approach

Last night, an Avianca A319 (N557AV) flying from Orlando to Bogotá struck a pyrotechnic balloon on approach to El Dorado International Airport.

The balloon appears to not have been filled with fireworks, and mostly just tinsel. The aircraft did ingest some tinsel into the engines, and was covered in it. Otherwise, the aircraft seems to be OK. Had this balloon been packed with fireworks, the collision could have been catastrophic.

No injuries were reported and the aircraft landed safely.



“Uhh tower we struck a balloon”
“Roger, is the balloon okay?”


No wonder @Balloonchaser has been so inactive


The final goodbye to 2020 😅

Glad everyone’s okay!

Wow! That’s not a story I expected to see.

@Pingu thats a mega oof moment right there…

Absolutely insane incident which could well have been catastrophic. I am glad that the outcome was as it was, but this is something that should definitely have more than a second look by the authorities as it is crucial to make sure something like this will not happen again as it could have been much worse than it went here.

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