Avianca 320

Here I am, once again.
This’ll be a last time for a period now… I’ve got a busy life.
However, I watched all those screenshots with the A350. And i don’t see much pics of the new A320. So here I am, with a small group-flight to SKBO. I did the flight with @Anshul28, amazing guy and definitely worth asking him for a flight.
Here are my pictures, but first the flight-details:

flight details

Aircraft/livery: Avianca a320
Flight time: 1.34 hours
Altitude: FL340
Speed: M0.80
Server: training

And here are the shots:

@Anshul28 holding short while I am taking off

One of the 2 moonshots

Cruising above the Colombian mountains

Of course, can’t miss the fog when cruising over Colombia

Second moonshot

Turning final

mind you that I edited some of these pics and I edited the time in the replay
Thank you @Anshul28 for joining me on this trip, it was truly amazing

Feedback is always appreciated

And @aviancavirtualgroup I actually made this topic for you guys :)
You guys are amazing and keep it up

Well, I guess it’s now time for goodbyes
Bye bye 👋


Amazing pic!


Nice pics 🔥

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Thanks boss 🙂

@Aero thanks mate, the new Avianca livery is sure one of those you can fall in love with😍

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Nice A320!

Get it?

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Love the first pic! Awesome shots! Thanks for the wonderful flight and wishing you happy holidays!

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Love the pics, they’re amazing!!

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Happy holidays to you too mate😊 it was a wonderful flight and I hope to have a flight with you again soon

@KennedyTurner yeah I get it😂 nice one

@patrickromania thank you very much 🙏❤️