Avianca 100 Years!

100 Years Avanica!!

Today we celebrate Avanica 100 years in service! Avanica is the first airline in the star alliance to reach 100 years or should I say a century now 😜👍

Good Job Avanica for the Transportation of Passengers and Cargo 🥳🤠.


Happy 100th, Avianca!


I never knew they were that old…

Congrats though… 🥳

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Avianca is the second oldest surviving airline after KLM, congratulations!


Apparently they are in debt. So who knows what going to happen in the next years!

Fun fact: Avianca was founded as SCADTA, and it’s first flight was a mail delivery flight by a Junkers F.13 from our current focus city of Barranquilla (SKBQ) to a nearby town, Puerto Colombia (does not have an airport, see next sentence), located 14 miles to the northwest.

The first cross-country flight across Colombia was completed on 20 October 1920. Due to the lack of airports, and the largely mountainous terrain that compromises Colombia’s landmass, the flight was completed by following the Magdalena River, and stopped at river towns and landed on the water with floats. It took 8 hours and required four emergency landings.

On 14 June 1940, the official merger between SCADTA and regional Colombian airline SACO was completed, forming Aerovías Nacionales de Colombia S.A. Or, more simply,


The largest plane Avianca has operated is the Boeing 747-200. Currently, Avianca’s flagship aircraft is the Boeing 787-8. Avianca’s total airline, including Avianca Cargo and their 8 Latin American subsidiaries, operates a route network that exceeds 1,000 routes.

The history of Avianca has shifted greatly. They’ve been around since the start of the Aviation industry. Here’s to another 100 years.


Every time a flown with Avianca it’s been a great experience. Flown with them around 10+ times great flights!

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Every single airline has debt. Every airline owes money to someone, somehow.

It’s called a Loan to a bank. :)


But, heard it’s been bigger then other airlines. They need to cut routes! :(

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That’s awesome! Only a couple months older than KLM and still not very well known.

Sully would be proud


celebrating 100 years of Avianca!


I’ll be drawing a special concept livery tonight :) @MapleAir221 I saw your request on the Drawing thread to do that will be for Avoanca and you

Conjrajumalations to Avianca on a century of not being bankrupt… Jokes aside, this must be a great airline and I’m sure they deserve this. Well done!

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