Avgeeks to the rescue

It’s VC-25A. It’s a modified Boeing 747-200 that has been in service for almost 30 years now. It was introduced in August of 1990.

Are you sure it’s at Air Force One? I mean that’s the cooler answer haha

I’m 99% sure that’s Air Force One.

(it’s only called Air Force One when the president/vice president is flying in it, by the way)

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Yes. Based on the image you provided, you can clearly see the chrome underside, and the blue engines.

It’s basically VC-25A that’s based in Joint Andrews AFB near Washington D.C.

When VC-25A is not in use by the president, it is flown under the Special Air Mission Callsign (SAM)

Here is VC-25A doing Touch and Goes at my job at the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease


Oh okay. I see my bad thank you. Yeah I don’t see the president going on practice touching goes haha

No problem!

Only when the president is on board, will VC-25A be called Air Force One.

Otherwise, it’s just another Military airplane

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