Avgeeks.. add Fredericksburg, Tx to your bucket-list ASAP :)

For two reasons

  1. Douglas C47 named “Sleepy Time Gal”

  1. Hanger Hotel.

I have only stayed here one night(and plan to again for Oktoberfest)with the wife and if you are an avgeek it’s an experience, for sure.



And if you are 21+ great wineries to choose from. In addition to that it’s a very, very quaint town with realllllllllyyyy nice people with lots of German heritage. So, that means amazing German cuisines.

The following is one of my favorites:

However, if you want some quick, the airport diner is pretty spot on.

Info on the airport if you need it




This looks very cool. Thanks for sharing!


My school is right next to the airport. Go a little north and you will see heritage school. I drive past that plane every day. Btw Fredericksburg sucks as a town in the hill country. The whole town is a winery


Yeah, not sure if I would ever live there. I like the city life too much. We have two clients(both in … you guessed it wineries)we pick up and drop there frequently, so it’s a nice change of pace from the city life.

Welcome back

And it definitely sounds like somewhere I’ll be going one day.

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I live near Bandera Texas. South of kerriville. An hour drive to fredrickspurg. Kinda sucks as a drive to school

Btw if anyone wants to spot there. There’s a trailer park on the south west side of the field perfect for spotting. The tennis court my school plays at gives probably the best spotting view though. That’s why I do tennis lmao

One time I took off from the airport in my dads helicopter and we flew to the school to deliver the game ball for homecoming. Pretty easy to get in he airport. We were able to pull up the helicopter trailer and takeoff. Here’s the video

Awesome to see the hill county mentioned! Not far from where I live (Austin)

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I fly there too.

1hr drive?? That’s no bueno :(

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My favorite city in Tx. Was just there two weeks ago to do some hikes and hangout at Barton springs with the dog and wife

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