#AvGeek pics for you guys to see...

Greetings from Atlanta! On Friday I left home & flew DCA-ATL on Southwest. At the airport I took some pics.

Check-In at DCA

The "Tree of Gates in Terminal A

Snooping a cockpit LOL

Is this a 733 or 735?

An American 738. Cool!

An Alaska 737 takes flight.

A taxing American Eagle ERJ

One of Delta’s VERY MadDogs.

A Southwest RetroJet

Air Canada Jazz so good I could listen to it all day, that 737 seems to be enjoying it too!

Our flight (right) taxing with another 737

Our flight taxis past a sunbathing United 737

Mid-flight on a southwest 737

[DING-DONG] “If you are sitting on the right side you an look sat the beautiful sunset. If you are sitting on the left side you can look at the people on the right side looking at the beautiful sunset.” this was met with laughter.

It was dark when we got to ATL so no pics, & the Plane Train was too crowded to take any goos shots.

Hope you enjoyed! Be shore to share your thoughts & comments/questions.


Second photo… That guy just “posing” there hahaha

Nice pictures! Have a nice holiday!

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Nice collection of photos. Enjoy your trip!

Thanks guys! Stay tuned 'cause I’m flying back on Saturday & I’ll get some ATL pics swell.

The American eagle ERJ isn’t a ERJ. It’s a CRJ.

Nice photos. Hope you enjoyed your trip

Oh woops, I can’t tell unless its a '13/45

I think it’s a -300, I don’t believe they operate -500s

I think that’s a 737-700, because it has the antenna in the top, the shape of the pylon that handles the engine and the tail is more bigger than a classic variant. And the some parts of the flaps are painted in red, and that’s only in the 737-700 and 800 (old livery).

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That engine pylon went right through the wing and that’s only on Clasisc.

Sorry I don’t want to argue, but they operate the 737-500, just until September of this year.

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Oops. I still think it’s a -300

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