Average Takeoff Trim?

Hello all, I just have a question to do with what trim you should set your aircraft at before takeoff? I understand that it is different on all planes, so to save some time, what is the average trim that all airplanes should either be set at or around it? If someone could help understand this that would be great! Thanks! :)

Like you said, it depends on the plane and it will also depend on the weight of the aircraft.

A few that I can recall off the bat are:

  • C208: 10% takeoff at MTOW
  • 787 family: 15% near an 85% aircraft load
  • C130: 15-20% at MTOW
  • CRJ700: 60-70%
  • 777 family: 10%
  • MD11/11F: 55-60%

Those are the ones that I tend to fly the most and the ones that I have flown more recently. Its a matter of trial and error. Takeoff an land at various weights and at various trim’s to figure out what works best. Hope these help somewhat.


It will vary quite a bit depending on aircraft, weight and flap settings. Experiment with it on solo. You’ve added too much when your nose pitches up too fast and you almost stall/tail strike. You didn’t add enough if you have to go to fast the get the nose up.


SR22 for me is 20% on takeoff, 40% when in the air, 17% landing. Like @DeerCrusher said it varies depending on weight. I just do it all by feel in the moment. Sometimes I may land with 25%.


Anyways to calculate the necesary Takeoff trim per aircraft ?

me, I was and i’m still doing this (but i don’t know if i’m correct with that formula) =
the total fuel remaining at the gate after all calculations (in %) - the actual aircraft weight in % aswell

and I obtain a result in % wich is always positive.

I act like this for only airline aircrafts

I also google then read the aircraft’s manual, sometimes recommended trim is included.

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what about a Boeing 737-700,800 and 900

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