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Hi, IFC, so last night I was going from LFPG to EGLL! When I just took off my speed was at 200knots and then it was increased to 245knots!
I reached my cruising altitude with the 747 - 400 (36,000ft) and it Kept giving me violation warnings that my speed was too fast!! I thought that when you are above 10K feet, over 250knots Is alright???
Another point is could some one please tell me the cruising altitude and speed of each aircraft?

Thank you!

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Yes, over 250kts you can go faster. But not how fast you like.
It’s initially set to 350kts IAS / M.90 i think we have 747. The 350IAS goes for all the commercial jets, but the mach limit differs depending on aircraft.


Ok thank you so much!

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I wouldn’t recommend flying too close to the speed limits though.
On the 747, it’s fine to climb at 300-320IAS. That way you’ll be safe when the alarm transitions into looking at the mach number.



See the below link for some cruising speeds. They aren’t all filled in yet but will be eventually!

Happy flying, Mags.


Ok that really helps
Thank you everyone
I think can close?


You should use SimBiref!!
Every aircraft has different climb speed, cruise speed, and decend speed:)

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