Average N1% during cruise

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I’ve been itching to know about the average N1% (fan speed) during cruise for different aircraft types. I know it’s a bit of a mixed bag depending on factors like the aircraft model, weight, altitude, and even the weather. I’m trying to get a better understanding of how engines are optimized for fuel efficiency during the cruise phase of flight.

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It depends on the plane, the newer ones which have guides have mentions in the QRG that there’s a certain N1% you shouldn’t exceed. Like A330 ideally you shouldn’t exceed 91% N1 in cruise. But then A380, sometimes you can go over 100% and @AndrewWu found that it’s actually more efficient over 100% N1. Of course this is just for infinite flight but hope that helps


Somewhere between 80-90% is what I aim for.

Well yeh i agree with you all it mainley depends on the plane you fly

Most A380 climbs go over 100% N1 and sometimes this even happens during cruise.

The N1 rate can depend on many things such as weight and balance, wind, air density, temperature, etc.

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Caveat that it’s more efficient over 100% because you’re at a higher altitude. With the same altitude lower N1 is more efficient.

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