Aventura Mall Plane Models

Hey guys I recently just came back from Aventura mall and I saw this cool model from Turkish airlines out for display!


Is that in Miami? Been there many times!

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Yup! I’m from there. Isn’t the mall amazing?

yep its really fun! I also live here in Miami!

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Oh that’s lit maybe we can fly together on IF?

I’m from Miami as well, Aventura mall is nice, go there every once in a while. Haven’t seen the Turkish display yet.

Nice Catch!


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That’s a nice custom livery on it. Hope we had it in the game. -_-

I know right me too!

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I often spot the B777 Turkish Airlines in KMIA so thats probably for that…

I see American the most lol

Sure! Seem legit to me.

I’m in Fort Lauderdale. May have to venture to the 305 to see this!!!

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Do you mean the call code for Miami or @Chief305?

You won’t either. That is the band Iron Maiden’s mode of transportation for their world tours. Its callsign is Flight 666.

Another interesting factoid. The lead singer Bruce Dickinson is a licensed pilot who takes the helm on occasion.

Never knew those flew into fll! No wonder the airforce 747 lands at tamiami

Miami. That’s the area code.

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