Avelo Trip Report- Fort Myers to New Haven

Flight Information:
Server: Training
Aircraft & Livery: Avelo B737-800
Route: Fort Myers (KRSW) to New Haven (KHVN)
Flight Time: 2 hour, 32 minutes
Cruising Altitude(s) FL320, FL390

After spending some much needed time on vacation down here in sunny Fort Myers, its time to head home. My flight back to New Haven left at around 10:00 AM, so I got to the airport at around 7:30, so I’d have time to grab some lunch for the plane. Avelo doesn’t have much in the way of onboard service.

Here’s our plane! The B737-800 that would be our ride to New Haven today came in late the night prior, after a lengthy delay in Connecticut. I watched it being towed on stand by some ground crew.

After a very short takeoff roll, we rocketed out of Southwest Florida International Airport. The plane wasn’t very full, so I had a whole row to myself.

Our track took us almost directly west into Central Florida, before a sharp North turn, to avoid a small band of mid morning thundershowers.

Once we climbed to 32,000 feet, and were comfortably cruising just East of Savannah, the flight attendants did the first inflight service, which was essentially handing out bottled water. Again, not much in the way of onboard service, but the ticket was quite inexpensive.

We moved up to 39,000 feet to avoid some rough air over North Carolina, where I grabbed this photo.

On our initial decent into New Haven, I caught this picture of New York City and JFK Airport. We ran into some pretty strong turbulence around this time, prompting some startled shrieks and shall we say supple amounts of creative language from the passengers around me.

Banking low over Long Island, preparing to make the short crossing over the Long Island Sound before landing.

Our landing was pretty floaty, but ended with quite a firm touchdown. The crew then slammed on the brakes to stop on the relatively short runway at New Haven.

Whew! We really did use up all the runway here!

After we deplaned and I grabbed my bags, I noticed a local spotter had caught our plane on short final, which was pretty cool!

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