Avelo Gate Help

Hey IFC! Does anyone know what gate Avelo uses at KHVN (New Haven) and KMCO (Orlando) in real life? I cannot find it online. Thanks!

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All the gates at HVN. At MCO usually 112 but I think they switch around in the terminal.

Not sure for New Haven, but for Orlando they definitely use 112 (and possibly 111). These are at Airside 2 (the mainly Southwest gates).

Do they use the jetbridge at HVN mainly. I’m going to do HVN-MCO so I’m trying to use the gates they use mostly for that flight irl

They might be now with all their flights. Originally they didn’t, it was all air stairs for every flight, but I saw on another forum someone said they started using the bridge for some flights.

try looking at the flight info on flightaware. it may or may not show the gate numbers

It doesn’t show on FlightAware

Ok sounds good!

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There’s only one so one flight gets the jetbridge at a time and all others are by air stairs.

Ya but do MCO-HVN flights mainly use stairs or jetbridges?

Does Avelo use the jetbridges? Does anyone know at KHVN? Thanks!

They use the remote stands.

No I know for sure they use gates. I am not sure if they use the jetbridges at HVN

Today they used the jet bridge

It switches around, there are 3 daily flights so it’s never set. You can just use it or not when you land there your choice it will still be realistic.

Ok thanks for confirming Avelo uses the jetbridges at HVN

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Here it is a flight (Avelo 456) which arrived at the jetbridge at HVN so yes Avelo does use the jetbridge

No problem I have connections up there they told me and you can just look at FR24

Ehhhh, HVN has spotty connection for ground movement so I wouldn’t rely on it.

Also @Avaitor1, something I did notice (if you haven’t done the flight yet or for the future) Avelo doesn’t use the main taxiway at HVN if they land runway 20 or takeoff runway 2 with the -800. The taxiway at the 2 end I believe is too narrow for the -800 so if using the runway they’ll go to the end of 2 and do a 180 and backtaxi on the runway back to the terminal. The -700s don’t have an issue on the taxiway. If you wanna be realistic, here’s another way how.

Totally unrelated to what I said