Avelo Airlines starting service in just under 3 weeks to Manchester, New Hampshire!

Hello everyone!

Avelo Airlines announced back in March of this year that they will be flying from Raleigh-Durham International Airport to my local airport, the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.
This will be MHT’s fifth airline to join the other airlines in Manchester, and a completely new route that is new, aside from Myrtle Beach (MYR) and Fort Meyers, FL (RSW) that was launched by Spirit back in 2021.

Avelo airlines will begin flying into MHT beginning June 21, 2023, and will only be flying every Thursdays and Sundays.
I have booked the inaugural RDU - MHT flight and am excited to fly on a new airline! While I myself don’t see myself using Avelo very much, we are very excited to see a new airline join the MHT Roster!

I will be flying to RDU on American Airlines, connecting through charlotte, and will be flying back the next day on Avelo’s Inaugural flight!

Avelo wishes to emulate what they see in New Haven, CT (HVN), so I assume they actually want to open another base in Manchester, whereas they can use the longer runways and launch more flights from MHT and make it their secondary New England hub, which would be nice, but for now is just a thought.

Do you think Avelo will be successful in Manchester, NH?

  • Avelo will be successful in Manchester
  • Avelo will flop and will not last in Manchester

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Here’s to another successful Airline venture in MHT!

Hello Avelo!

Avelo Airlines Announces New Nonstop Service from Manchester-Boston Regional Airport to Raleigh, North Carolina - News | Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (flymanchester.com)


Avelo is a wacky airline. First they open a bunch of random routes with all economy planes. They use the most random places as focus cities (RDM- which doesn’t make sense because we can’t fill a flight to Seattle let alone have an airline based here) also have they bought a single plane or are they just stretching the ones they have?

They said they have more planes coming, so idk when they are going to get more planes.

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