Avelo Airlines Reveals First Routes, Begins Flying

Don’t rule it out just yet. American and JetBlue will be forced to give up a few DCA slots with their new partnership. The DOT will likely award these to a low-cost carrier to lower fares in the D.C. area. If Avelo applies, they could be a strong candidate to win the slots as a carrier entering the market. I’m sure they’ll eventually expand to the east coast.

For real, Arcata and Redding are two routes to watch with their 189 seat 737s.

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Dang, if only they didn’t launch on a week day during the school year! I would totally be on that first flight! Nevertheless I really hope they succeed, and I can’t wait to spot them!


25 minutes later, the prices have jumped to $34 and there’s “3 seats left”. Not sure if this is a marketing tactic, but there’s a strong possibility the inaugural’s almost sold out.

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But DCA does have the 1250nm rule

Yeah, but they do have some exceptions (ex. DCA-LAX)

Not from Burbank I mean. They’ll probably find some destinations on the east coast

Wow interesting. Especially the Eureka route! That’d be cool to fly.
Although I don’t know if the name “Avelo” really shouts “US Carrier”.

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Those routes seem like something that Allegiant would fly lol

Are they going to compete with Allegiant?

Advertisements and -1000fpm landings? 😝

Good luck to Avelo!

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Yep, essentially “dartboard” routes. It feels random, but to them, there’s some sort of sufficient demand they’re seeing.

So far, none of their routes directly compete with Allegiant. A few of their destinations are served by Allegiant through LAX.

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Annnndddddddd it’s sold out


Oh this is exciting. Finally getting some 737s back in Santa Rosa… I’ll be looking out for those. I’ve got high hopes for this one.


Do they have any plans for a second hub?

So far they haven’t said anything, but their headquarters are in Houston, so that could be something to look out for.

Burbank actually wasn’t even supposed to be a “hub”

Burbank wasn’t supposed to be at the top of the list. Andrew figured it would be a spoke from another base, but when the pandemic cutbacks began, Avelo saw opportunity to get into Burbank and went for it. The first three airplanes will be based at the airport, and the initial schedule will have flights to 11 cities.

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Houston Hobby possibly?

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It’s a possibility i’ll be taking this carrier to Santa Rosa on May 1st. My family was planning a trip to Sonoma County a couple weeks ago but with no direct routes to their airport, we have to fly to KOAK or KSFO. I’ll let my family know about this airline haha, maybe we can connect to Santa Rosa via Burbank!


This airline is flying to Bozeman?! I am really excited about that yet there’s too many airlines flying to Bozeman. (In my opinion)

How hasn’t @KBUR_Aviation been replying in this?

And 2nd of all, how have I never know about this airline until now?

And 3rd, wish this was on the east coast of the US…

I just saw an insta post of fly_bur of Avelo landing at Burbank! I HAVE to fly the inaugural out of here.