Avelo Airlines Reveals First Routes, Begins Flying

**Avelo Airlines: America's Newest Airline** -

The United States’ latest “new” startup airline is ready to begin passenger operations in just 20 days. Avelo Airlines, completely rebranded from XTRA Airways, has announced its first 11 routes and destinations.

Avelo Airlines will begin operations out of Burbank, California (BUR) with Boeing 737-800s. Each of these aircraft will have 189 seats, which is the same seat count as Ryanair, so you likely already know what Avelo is planning.

Andrew Levy, a former Allegiant Air and United Airlines executive, bought XTRA Airways a few years back and rebranded it to Avelo Airlines. Later today, Avelo will open tickets for its first 11 routes, with introductory fares as low as $19.

The first 11 routes/destinations from Burbank:

  • 4x weekly Arcata/Eureka, CA (ACV) starting May 19
  • 3x weekly Bend/Redmond, OR (RDM) starting May 13
  • 4x weekly Bozeman, MT (BZN) starting April 30
  • 4x weekly Eugene, OR (EUG) starting May 12
  • 4x weekly Grand Junction, CO (GJT) starting May 9
  • 4x weekly Medford, OR (MFR) starting May 9
  • 3x weekly Pasco, WA (PSC) April 29
  • 1x daily Phoenix/Mesa, AZ (AZA) starting May 3
  • 6x weekly Odgen, UT (OGD) starting May 4
  • 3x weekly Redding, CA (RDD) starting May 20
  • 1x daily Santa Rosa, CA (STS) starting April 28 (Inaugural)

Route Map:

Each of these routes is unserved from Burbank. Avelo is initially targeting markets with outdoor recreation, national parks, and mountains.

CEO Andrew Levy:

“After more than 20 years of steadily shrinking consumer choice, the American flying public wants and deserves more options and lower fares. Avelo offers both — along with a refreshingly smooth and convenient experience.”

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Press Release/Image: Meet Avelo: America's Newest Airline

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What are your thoughts on Avelo Airlines’ first routes and destinations?


Hmm… Makes me think of it as a luxurious Allegiant lol…

Really hope that it works for them! :)


I question the term, “smooth and convenient experience”… maybe I’m just paranoid from those Ryanair landings xD


Luxurious Allegiant and a mix of ryanair. Boom we have this

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So the US will now have an airline trademarked for its bad landings lol ;)

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Nope… A second Spirit Airlines

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Wait I wiki’d it and it said they are based in houston

Their headquarters are in Houston and they’ve got staff in Houston, but they’ve chosen Burbank as the first aircraft base.

Okay thanks :)

Avelo Airlines’ website is now live: https://www.aveloair.com/

$19 inaugural flight

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I hope they trained their pilots to land correctly 😃

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Website looks fresh

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I really like the Purple and Gold, make’s a nice combination!

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Some more photos from their website: https://dam.gettyimages.com/assignments/avelo-air-aircraft-shoot

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Wish they could come to DCA… but rules are rules

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Do they have a picture of the Interior yet?

That’s cool they’re coming to my city! We never get 737s any more

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A vid

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Front looks like every ULCC, but the seatback actually looks like a mainline carrier I’d say!

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Wow! This will spice up the west coast market. I wonder if they’ll be able to fill the whole plane on a route like BUR-ACV though.

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