Avelo Airlines AZO Inaugural | XP706 & XP707

Hello! Back with another ramp topic!

Early this summer Avelo announced service to Kalamazoo, Michigan from Orlando, Florida and October 26 was the inaugural flight! I have the privilege to be apart of an amazing team that is now tasked with ground service handling on all Avelo flights in and out of Kalamazoo! This is a new learning experience for everyone since my company that is contracted by Avelo has never done any sort of ground operations for an airline before.

From gaining some FBO experience this past summer, now working ramp operations at AZO is a whole other part of aviation that I am extremely excited to learn more about.

Here are some pictures of the flight arriving and at the gate along with a water salute. If there are any questions feel free to ask! I’m sure I’ll be making more topics soon.


Nice to see another WMU student here on the forum! :) I’m double majoring in Flight Science and Aviation Management. It’s a shame they dropped their route to RSW before it even started. AZO could certainly benefit from another carrier and hopefully Avelo can continue to justify the service!

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From what I heard Avelo was going to try and wait it out to start it or they were going to launch a route from another city in Florida. All good things!

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