Avelo Air Virtual Group Flight KBUR-KIWA


Hey everyone! I had the awesome opportunity to operate an @AveloAirVirtual flight from KBUR-KIWA with a fellow pilot, Duncan. It was a smooth flight and an honor to fly for Avelo Air Virtual! Would be even better with the Avelo livery! Feel free to vote here: Avelo Airlines Boeing 737-800

Pushing back during a hot afternoon in Burbank

Beginning my takeoff roll on Runway 8 in Burbank

Cruising over some mountains en route to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Approaching runway 12R at KIWA

Touching down with a slight crosswind

Deplaning at ramps 9 and 10 at KIWA

If you want to be part of the fun feel free to apply for Avelo Air Virtual today!
Apply here!


Great photos!


Looks like lots of fun! I’ll have to go approve your PIREP 😂


It was a lot of fun! Thanks lol! XD

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Just finished the return flight from KIWA-KBUR with Ava. Had a blast! Here are some pics!

Taxing at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (KIWA)

Turning West toward Burbank shortly after takeoff

Parked at the Avelo gates in Burbank

@Misha.Camp, please add the Avelo 738.


That would be amaing! :)