Avelo Adds First Flights From New Haven Base

I agree with everyone that this airline failed the day it flew into Santa Rosa. Operating out of Burbank was also probably not the best idea either.


Avelo quickly added a new destination - Las Vegas

@Kamryn HND would be cool, but they’re going straight into LAS.


Every STS flight I’ve been on has been north of 75% full, in may, and 2 trips in June.

And mostly without 19 buck flights.

It’s good to see them cutting underperforming routes.
Why waste planes, crew, and most importantly, money flying to destinations that did not live up to expectations.

They did what they needed to, make a splash, and then rationalize.

I guarantee by the end of the summer you will see Breeze doing the same thing, cutting or reducing there network, and growing in other places

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Yep heheheh, very happy bout it

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Well, that kinda aged poorly. Pretty sure Avelo just removed Las Vegas from its bookings. Their route map still has it though, guess it wasn’t supposed to go on sale yet.

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My mom saw it on their website a few minutes ago and said she’d probably have us fly the inag since we’ll be in Vegas when it happens.

But by the looks of it, it’s still there for us.

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Better still stay there.

I edited the STS and LAS Wikipedia pages, can’t have it be inaccurate😂


No, its the Regional Manager.

It reappeared a few minutes later.

Here’s official confirmation tho

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That’s an incredibly old map lol. Allegiant no longer flies to Santa Rosa along with Hawaii.

Avelo will be the only one flying STS-LAS. Problem is, Alaska, Allegiant, and Sun Country all flew STS-LAS in the past. All ended the route.


You make a good point 😂

Next new destinations:

  • Fort Collins, Colorado (FNL)
  • Monterey, California (MRY)
  • Provo, Utah (PVU)
  • St. George, Utah (SGU)

So these sort of make up for cutting BZN/AZA/GJT.


Weird that they will serve Ogden and Provo…

Also Allegiant tried to serve Fort Collins but switched to Denver instead.

I can confirm the low passenger count. I work at KIWA, where Avelo flies from Burbank, and they are very empty flights… :)

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Avelo is doing good obviously, if a new airline hasnt been talked about, that means that there not doing bad at all, but also nice post.

Better hope you takeoff in time 💀

Could probably use it’s own topic, but bumping this because Avelo finally announced their HVN routes, starting November: MCO, FLL, TPA, and RSW.

All with their 737-700s of course due to runway length at HVN

I changed the title

It’s nice to see them adding -700s in addition to their -800s

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