Avelo Adds First Flights From New Haven Base

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It seems as if Avelos aggressive beginnings may not be working out all that well. As the airline extended its booking window out to January, it seems some of the 12 original cities didnt make the cut. Those would be Bozeman, Montana (BZN) and Grand Junction, Colorado (GJT). Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona is also not bookable but the airline says that it will “evaluate our future plans for AZA”.

Additionally, many of the other routes will get a reduction. Such as Burbank to Ogden, which will go from 6 days/week to 4 days/week. The airline will offer no flights on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

To me this doesn’t come as a big shock. When Avelo first announced launched, I was very skeptical of how they were going to fill daily services between seemingly random cities. Even though the low fares are enticing, it seems as if they were not a big enough draw for passengers.

It will be interesting to see what Avelo has planned for their Tweed/New Haven, CT base. The launch of flights from here has already been delayed to November. Im also skeptical here as the airport isn’t really that close to New York to draw people from there and the city itself is a college town. So the question is will enough cold Yale students want to go to Florida at any given time. It also seems like they and Breeze will really have to compete in this market.

Ill be interested to see all of yalls thoughts on the cuts that Avelo made. Did they surprise you or were you like me?

Avelo has now unveiled its first flights out of its New Haven Connecticut base. TPA, MCO, FLL, and RSW are on the list. How do y’all think this is gna work out for them?



In my opinion this airline is a bust. Came in hard and broke up on impact.


Avelo is done for good

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In honesty, I agree, it seems like they are wayy too aggressive for the market they are entering. I also think Breeze is far too aggressive with routes that no one wants to fly. Like who’s flying from Bentonville Arkansas to Louisville Kentucky on a Tuesday at 1pm?

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That one Walmart Executive


I didn’t think this airline would make it very far unfortunately. I think it’s routes are just too unpopular and not profitable for long term success. Breeze may also suffer a similar fate.


Exactly, no one wants to fly Burbank to Ogden on a Thursday morning 🙄

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I have to agree. I felt like they should’ve went to some airports with high demand and then connect them with airports with smaller demand.


I think they could work if they relooked at their strategy. We already have enough point to point airlines and they can be really inconvenient. Airlines need to allow connections so that passengers have more options to get to the places they actually want to go.

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Exactly, not low demand to low demand. Southwest is successful in Burbank because they offer connections to places all over North America. This makes it more convenient to fly them instead of driving to LAX.

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That’s just the issue with their business model. For example:

20 people want to fly from BUR-OGD, but your plane fits 170+

It’s not practical to pay for a huge plane to fly those low demand flights. They should honestly be operating with CRJ-200s or Q-400s.


Or they could just try to serve routes that already have people flying them. Like if they did BUR-OAK, the operating costs may be a little higher, but people might actually choose Avelo if they are offering a lower fair. It would work because people are already flying to Oakland and would just choose the lower fair.


Something that I just thought. If you have low demand airports to low demands airports. Plus, you offer low fares. That doesn’t really mix.


Its like making the least amount of money on the routes with the least demand. It doesn’t work and I can see Breeze failing in this way as well.

I disagree.

I know the New Haven area well. There are plenty of suburbs surrounding the city itself. Avelo has stated they will be doing flights to Florida from HVN, and Florida is a HUGE destination for those in the northeast. Many people near HVN have been begging for more flights for a while. And, Breeze isn’t going into HVN, they’re up at BDL an hour away.

Low fares to Florida from the northeast and you’re guaranteed to fill up a 737.


Might put this into example:

Allegiant, which has a pretty good size presence at AZA where Avelo flies now, has recently announced expansion into PHX, the main airport of the Phoenix area to offer flights to the smaller airports, one of them being Provo, UT.

I think if Avelo tried this it might be better


I personally think that they won’t last long if they keep aiming for small cities

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I hope that Neelemans experience led them to reasonably choose their business model…

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Well, no one really. Breeze isn’t offering any nonstop flights from Bentonville to Louisville.

Not yet, I think Andrew Levy had quite a lot of funding. If certain BUR routes underperform, just slash them and move on. Some of these flights, such as Arcata and Pasco, are maintaining their current frequency through January, so they have a better understanding of where to fly from Burbank.

Just looking at their plans does seem questionable, but I think they’re getting support. If the U.S. Department of Transportation awards New Haven with a SCASDP grant, they’ll likely use that money to fund Avelo’s operations and minimize any losses.

Plus, it looks like American is ending New Haven on September 30 (right when the bailout ends?) so Avelo is set to be the sole carrier at HVN.


I think their current route structure is just way too contingent on niche markets. It’s great that they’re catering to these underserved airports, but the operating costs to transport a 737 barely half full to a city only a couple hundred miles away and back must be astronomical. Maybe they’d have more success if they connected some Midwestern cities to their main base in BUR. I think their east coast plan has a more promising approach. Hopefully it’ll pan out for them.

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