AVDGS-Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System

Incoming Bump. This deserves some votes. And would be cool if it came with Project Metal.

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I’m a little unsure of the feasibility of incorporating this into the sim, because I don’t think there would be an obvious way to determine the exact aircraft’s position relative to the spawn location and airport editor markings.

I know the developers were able to implement the gate block in the terminal selection screen, but I feel like that would have been an easier process because they likely just needed to check if any aircraft was in the general area of the spawn point.

However, if the team had a way to make the location of the aircraft more accurate relative to the gate, and could scale this system to handle multiple aircraft types, then I would absolutely enjoy seeing this added into Infinite Flight in a future building update!

Edit: Also jetways would likely need to be animated prior to adding this feature, otherwise what’s the point?

No It would look better on 3-D buildings like it is in real life

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Giving this thread a bump.

I voted, but just a question: How would the AVDGS knows which aircraft to guide?

Would this need coding that relates to park-to-gate assignments for ATC ground?

Or, whether ATC assigned or not, pilot choses gate by clicking on gate location in map (similar to when we need to spawn in, but in reverse, we wanna spawn out)?

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Check this :)

from : Infinite Flight 22.1 First Look - YouTube

Yeah, finally have it

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Congratulations, Stand Guidance is being released with 22.1!

Enjoy! 🎉