AVDGS-Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System


AVDGS-Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System

The ADVGS or the Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System is something used to tell you when to stop when you park at an airport stand/gate.

Why do we need this?
We need this so that we can park the aircraft accurately into the airport stand/gate.

More about this explained by CaptainJoe:

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Wikipedia: AVDGS:


This would be quite cool to have in Infinite Flight but I wonder how possible this is since this would be quite hard to implement.

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Cool video about it here:

This would be super helpful for myself and everyone else. Even if it’s like a UI thing that pops up when you’re approaching a gate.

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For this we first have to get 3D buildings and it is not like that at all airports.


Or we could have a sort of UI that pops up on your screen.

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We don’t need 3d buildings in order to have this there can just be a small screen that pops up and tells you the distance to the correct parking position.


I like the idea, currently (unless you have an accurate map of gates/parking) it’s a bit of a free for all. Departure gates are obviously selectable whilst setting up your flight, but this would allow selecting a final end point for your flight more specifically. This system would assist with that side of things greatly.


Voted! You know why?

Because everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY…

Don’t just brake on the runway and log out of session. They - go - to - the - gate.

( Well, there are some… But still, only some )

And they, and I, will proceed to execute anti-embarassment plan B by switching to external view just to hit the parking mark lol! ( I stayed in cockpit mode and enhance my skills if nobody’s around :D )

Further rant from me

I like the pop up idea as that could be implemented faster, although I’d have a blast watching others aiming for those center mark at the gates while they park to my left and right. I’m just one of those guys who stays a wee bit longer if I see someone landed right after me, just to see them park and I’d be rocking my rudders saying hi. Hey, any excuse I could use for the great IF community experience, I’ll vote for it, its what makes this sim a keeper! :)

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The question we must Ask ourselves is how is this possible without 3D buildings. Seeing random poles around the place wouldnt look right.


How would the parking positions be defined with this system? A seemingly quick solution would be to use the spawn position as the place to guide parking aircraft.

This, however, wouldn’t work well based on how spawns are added by the airport editing team. Each gate has one spawn and aircraft spawn at the same position, regardless of size. Additionally, parking lines don’t usually have the little perpendicular lines that corresponds with each aircraft type’s exact parking location.

While this might seem cool, I don’t think that it is easy to implement, or entirely necessary.


This idea just remind me of Lakitu :)

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