Avatar Airlines Wants To Fly Within The United States Using 747s

Yeah… no.

Start-up airline Avatar Airlines intends to launch domestic service within the United States using Boeing 747 aircraft

When the airline launches operations, they will fly between Los Angeles (LAX) to Las Vegas (LAS) to New York (JFK), on to Miami (MIA) and return.

In addition to these routes, Avatar Airlines in its first year of operations plans to fly to:

  • Orlando
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Tampa
  • San Jose
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Phoenix
  • Philadelphia
  • Honolulu

By the 3rd year, they plan to launch international flights.

The airline intends to purchase 14 747s and within 3-5 years they plan to order 30 747-8s

Avatar Airlines’ strategy is to fill all of its seats by offering fares as low as $79 coast to coast, with other fares as low as $19 if purchased 30 days or more in advance.

Will this actually happen?

This might be another joke start-up airline that may never materialize, but here’s the application to view yourself:


This sounds too good to be true, and the model just doesn’t seem right. Though, it would be amazing to fly the 747 domestically in the U.S.


Ha! Okay, that’s funny.

Good luck.

If they book every single seat on that aircraft it’ll still be more expensive to pay for the fuel even flying from KLAX-KLAS lmao

@Ishrion this made my day


ahahaHAHAHA good luck to them.

I’ll be expecting the bankruptcy letter a couple days after first flight.

But seriously, you really shouldn’t start with the B747.


An airline flying a commercial 747 to San Jose… interesting…


Can Tampa even handle 747s?

This actually made me laugh at loud.
Sounds like something out of an airline management game 😂


Wait, an airline sending a 747 to SJC?!?!?! 😃

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I think it’s pretty risky to have domestic services with 747s. They should have gone for the 737 or a320. Not to mention it’s low fairs, I can see it going bankrupt in no time.


I mean if American and Delta and them can’t fill IS domestic 747 they sure as he🏒🏒 can’t. US start ups fail almost every time because they can’t fill ERJs because the market is so saturated. This isn’t going to work…

Oh no… not this. Please don’t go crazy @BigBert10

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I mean if it works they will be revolutionary. If they don’t get it to work then everyone will forget them.


Not fuel efficient. Not cost effective. Watch em go belly up in two weeks.


I can’t go crazy yet! It’s only a speculation 😂

Not to mention the pilot shortage which caused California Pacific to suspend operations :/


This business model is off. 747-400’s are old and guzzle fuel like a dehydrated camel guzzles water.

The cost of fuel/maintenance probably won’t be covered by passengers tickets, especially if they plan to keep them cheap.

If they do somehow get started, I’ll look forwards to seeing them in the skies!


But the possibilities of a 747 flying over you regularly…

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unless they offer good service and have a good image they will be gone in no time

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Who cares? I love airplane noises!
Btw, I live near PDX

Isn’t PDX Phoenix?

Uhh…PHX is Phoenix

PDX is Portland

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