Avatar Airlines Boeing 747-400/8

Avatar Airlines is not a real airline, but have tried to get application several times throughout the years, and have always been denied. They started off in the 90s as Family Airlines, as an airline that would fly an all-747 fleet domestically. Of course, their business model was questionable, to say the least, but 30 years from now, they are still trying. In 2020, they approached Boeing with a LOI to buy 30 747-8is new from the factory. It must’ve won an award for bad timing, as this was years after Boeing delivered the last passenger 747 to Korean Air. Then, later in 2020, when British Airways retired their 747s, Avatar approached them and said that if BA hands them some 747-400s, BA would have an investment in Avatar. This deal obviously never fell through and they got rejected. Then later, when Thai was selling it’s 747-400s, Avatar approached THEM. As of yet, nothing new has come, but they want to launch in 2022…


The thing is with a livery like this - it is:

  1. Not a real airline - it hasn’t even launched yet - and may never depending on what happens.

  2. If it is added we face the possibility of Delta 787 V2.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this livery even being considered unless the hopes of this airline actually being a thing become a certainty or significantly increase.

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You missed Emirates A350, Air France B78X, United A350… a lot of US and Europe liveries That it doesn’t exist IRL and is in the game (little unfair), not sure why.


And also bankrupt airlines’ liveries?

Most of the liveries that don’t exist IRL but are in game is because while they were making the livery for the game, the airlines had orders for the planes. But when IF added them, the airline likely changed their order for another plane like Delta with the 787 to A350 or decided to cancel their orders.

I mean…30 years and no success? Gonna have to doubt on that one

Why is this a 747-400 / -8 Hybird? lol


I don’t know why the picture is like that. That is one of the only pictures I was able to find, since it is a hypothetical livery

Defunct liveries are another can of worms, considering the fact that they have existed at some point, giving a basis to accurately add a livery, and cater to those who miss what they don’t have irl anymore. Cancelled orders almost always leave no basis for an accurate livery at all. That’s the risk of trying to add what existed yet (and in this case, likely never feasibly will).

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United still has 45 A350-900s on order and Emirates has 50