Avalon Airshow Report

Avalon airshow is the biannual Australian international airshow at Avalon airport, Victoria, Australia. It comprises of hundreds on RAAF, RAF, USAF, Cessna, Beechcreaft, Piper, Boeiing, Airbus and many more planes, helicopters and vechiles not t mention the some 500,000 vistors over Friday and the weekend.
I apologies in avance for the photos, I only have access to an iPhone 6.
Arrived at the show just after the weekend starting time of 1400. My mum and I decided to rotate inside the out due to the 40 degree heat c.

We started at the Westpac rescue drone which uses a helicopter to drop rescue supplies to people in the water who need saving.
IMG_8485 The RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) moc Beechcraft 300 Super King Air 350.

Garmin glass cokpits as well as the Boeing 737MAX wingtips.

Outside again to see one out of the the USAF Boeing 707

Checking out the RAAF trainers and acrobatic aircraft.
KC30A (A330 done up) taking off from Avalon to particate in the airshow.

Surpise flyby from an F-22 or F-35 (Wasn’t sure if it was RAAF or USAF). This was when we descovered how bloody LOUD it is!

Just a little reminder that this is still a fully operational commercial airport even if there was an airshow on! Flyby from a chinock and RAAF P-8A Poseidon Boeing C-17 GlobeMaster III departing to take part in the airshow in a few minutes. IMG_8628 IMG_8629 IMG_6269
Checking out the RAAF C-130 plus cockpit (Sorry for the bad photos, not to be used for intelligence gathering.

Checking the huge RAAF C-17!
IMG_6279 IMG_6280
A closer look at a huge drove, RAAF F-35 and the USAF B-52 bomber.

Some more reminders that we were actually walking on an airport ramp.

Inside the KC-135R cokcpit, cargo area and midair refueling bay.

The sunset and a B-52 bomber who flew from Andrews AFB (USA) to Avalon, flew over and returned without landing.

Saturday the 2nd of March

Checking out a famous DC-3!

Taking a look inside a Japanese C-2.

IMG_8683 IMG_8686 IMG_8694
A lot of photos of a Qantas Boeing 747-400 of which had flown from SYD to AVV (Avaon) to go on display before going back on it’s very last flight back to SYD.

Lastly, having a look around the Malaysian A400M with the massive refuleing line.

A panaramic view of about 1 8th of the Avalon area.


Very nice, thanks for sharing. Just in case I missed something what exactly did the RAF contribute to the air show?

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Did you see Dj’s Avation (lol)


I did not unfortunately but I did see the aircraft of which he was recording the cockpit of.

I did not expect to see so many photos, but you can be sure that I liked each one of them.

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That’s not a B-52, there are B-52s later in the thread, but that’s a KC-135, honestly I’m a bit jealous that you got to go up in it and stuff, we see those fly over like literally daily, a whole bunch of them are located at KPIT. Awesome airplane, as is the B-52, I’m pretty sure this an honest mistake since you labeled both of them correctly later in the thread, but just wanted to point it out!

(Also that Jet a few pictures down is an F-22 which would mean it’s operated by us since we kept them to ou’re selves… 😂)


As much as I love these photos. You can only post 10. Now you can put these in a folder and then link them. But there is a rule on how much you can post

Sorry about that, I can’t/don’t have time to fix it up unfortunately. Also I don’t know the visual difference between the US F-22 and RAAF F-35A.

I’m very sorry for this, I can’t fix it up as I don’t have the time to fix it up due to school and other things. Sorry!

Ha, you’re good, that’s what we’re here for, to learn, and teach, so I’m more than happy to tell ya!

WOW! these pictures are amazing! I love them Thanks for sharing such interesting pictures with us! I really hope that you really enjoyed yourself.

Can confirm this is a USAF F22 Raptor. And for reference the F22 Raptor is solely operated by the USAF and banned by congress from export due to being classified.

Also could you please confirm what RAF Aircraft were present? You mentioned it but theres no pictures.

Nice, that’s a lot of photos though! Hope you had a good time.
@anon11948201 I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to see Daniel Fowkesy boy

Heres a F-35 for comparison


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So many photos. My eyes hurt. But they are all pretty good photos. Glad to see a lot of countries come together in this air show. Also, make sure there are only 10 pictures next time you please.

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Because I’m a really big fan of his videos

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That was not a B-52. The B-52 has eight engines

Nice photos… Thanks

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I think the commentator mentioned something about RAF aircraft but I didn’t see any sorry.

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Pretty sure that B52 is a 707 tanker for the USAF.