Avalon Airshow 2021 | Unofficial Community Meet Up Planning

Avalon Airshow 2021 | Unofficial Community Meetup (Planning)

Have you ever dreamed of a unofficial community meetup based in Australia? Well look no further. I’ve decided to plan a meetup for the Avalon Airshow in 2021.

I understand that it’s still a while away, but I’m keen to get an idea of numbers for people that would be interested when the time comes.

The public displays during the Avalon Airshow runs from Friday 26th February 2021 till Sunday 28th of February 2021. More information on the Avalon Airshow can be found below:

Avalon Airshow 2021

Plans for the unofficial community meetup would be to explore the different exhibitors, watch the displays throughout the day and go for dinner afterwards for anyone that is interested.

If you believe that you would be interested when the time comes, or you might consider going, please answer the poll below:

  • Yes, I’m interested!
  • Maybe!
  • No!

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Please keep in my mind this is an unofficial community meetup and a set date hasn’t been confirmed yet. This is mainly just to see how many would be interested!


That’s in Australia right?

Yeah, in Australia mate. Far away from the rest of the world, but it is an amazing Airshow for those that make it!

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I’m going to try some techniques to get there (as I am funded out of my own pocket… surprisingly). Hopefully will be able to come along, but with everything, I can’t guarantee anything yet…

Yeah fair enough mate, hope to see you there though if you make it!

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Yikes, thats very far from were I am!

I hope you get a good turn out in term of attendees!

Australia is far from everyone! Hoping for a good turnout as well!

I wanted to go the the Avalon Airshow this year but I was too late. But I most likely

Awesome, hope to meet you there in 2021!

Sorry but there is no way I could come as I’m a broke high schooler whose parents don’t like to travel.

Yeah fair enough mate, it’s a shame though!

It honestly is. Some day. Maybe…

Hopefully for sure!

Any Australian meet up sounds good to me 😍!

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Would love to see you there Luke!

Well. If there were flights from Chicago to Melbourne for $2, then maybe I’d be able to go, but that sounds highly unlikely

Hope those who go have fun though!


Set up a Go Fund Me… but in all seriousness for those that don’t go, expect plenty of pictures!

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This is a great idea Declan. I would love to come as I have never been to the Avalon Airshow, so hoping 2021 is the year I go. Would be great to meet other Australian Community members.

Lucky for me, I’m in Sydney

Hope to see you there mate! The whole goal is to meet the other Aussie and Kiwi community members, but everyone is welcome!