Avalon Airshow 2019

Hello Everyone.
This year I attended the Avalon Airshow again and thought I’d share a few pics with you!

The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition is one of Asia-Pacific’s most prestigious aviation and aerospace events and the most comprehensive aviation, aerospace and defence exposition in the southern hemisphere.

I went on the Sunday, where there was a lot of cloud cover which dulled the raging 40 degree weather, in contrast to the days before where many suffered due to the heat. Only disadvantage of going on Sunday I missed the Qantas 747 :(
Unfortunately my phone (hence the quality of the pictures) died halfway through the day so I couldn’t take many pictures. Below you’ll find some pictures which I was able to take :)

The Pictures:

I arrived at the Airshow and made my away to the viewing area to find a Jetstar A320 taking off for Adelaide. It was nice to see a commericial plane taking off up close. Due to Avalon being a commercial airport, scheduled flights still depart during this time!

Positioned along the taxiway where some Royal Australian Air Force Pilatus PC-9s

F-35 Fly-by (also very loud)

Then watched an interesting formation in the spitfire and some other aircraft (didn’t catch the names sorry)

Had a look at the RAAF C-17, such a beautiful aircraft. Would love to have the livery in IF someday .

Had a look inside a decked out US Air Force 737. I was very impressed with the equipped systems. The army personal were also very friendly.

I wanted to show you this aircraft, the stratosphere (picture isn’t mine - phone died). It has one of the longest wingspans in aviation and when on ground sinks down to eye level!

Source: Airshow.com.au

And last but not least, the latest training aircraft for the AAF Cadets. It had never flown before and was due to conduct its first flight at the completion of the Airshow.

I’ll wrap it up here as I don’t want to bombard you with millions of photos or go over the 10 photo limit.
Hopefully next year I’ll get to see even more interesting aircraft.

I hope you enjoyed browsing these photos.
Melbourne based aviator


Absolutely amazing photos! Was that USAF 737 a P-8 Poseidon by any chance? I’ve been on them before and recognize them but I might be wrong. Also that’s a really nice cockpit picture!

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Yep @Avgeekproductions! Was a very nice plane.
Thank you for the feedback :)

Great photos. Did that JQ A320 perform a barrel role?

Hahah I wish. Unfortunately it wasn’t part of the Airshow though, I think the passengers would’ve enjoyed it very much if it did!

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Wow, looks like a brillant time, hopefully it wasn’t too hot when you went!!
And awesome and stunning shots Josh, i’ll have to get down there next time ;)

Yes, might have to come to Wings over Illawarra aye? Hahah
Since it was overcast the clouds sheltered the sun in a way so it wasn’t so hot. Can’t speak for people like @Zaco571 who went on on the scorcher days
Thanks for your feedback!

Hahah, dam lucky, but rip Zac!
And you better come to Illawarra Joshhh, non-debatable

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We’ll see, I’ll definitely come as soon as Qantas starts up direct flights from Tullamarine to Illawarra lol

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Lucky! Pittsburgh has only had occasional air shows, I can’t find anything about one this year, but fingers crossed, when we have one it’s a big one…

Haha Airshows are great fun to attend. Good luck, I hope your’s goes ahead!

Great job mate really enjoyed the photos you took especially the cockpit 👌🏻

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Thanks for the feedback @Captain_Infinite - much appreciated!

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Nice shots! I saw some great videos of takeoffs and landings from the channel HD Melbourne Aviation on YouTube. Did you see when the USAF C-17 had a birdstrike before V1 and aborted takeoff?


Looks like a P 51 in that formation picture.

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Didn’t get to see that one unfortunately :(
Rip bird

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Thats an F35, but great photos nonetheless.

Pretty good! Love the B737-max cockpit!


Would if been great if i went

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