Avalon Airshow 2011: Select Cuts

A few pictures from Avalon airshow - I think it was the 2011 display, I missed the two since. Forgive the blurriness, whatever equipment I was using was awful - but it’s the moment itself that counts, right? This is from the Friday’s display

  • Super-Connie. Absolute classic of aviation

-Roulettes RAAF aerobatic team parked on the ramp post-display

RAAF F/A-18A departing for its evening routine (this one was tough to get a clear image of due to motion and light)

A surprise - L-39 Albatros trainer with Russian Air Force markings. As these are being phased out, quite possibly from someone’s private collection

And last one for the series: B-1B, one of the two visiting Avalon, passing over the crowds