Avalon airport expands internationally

Avalon airport has secured Air Asia X to fly twice daily services from Kuala Lumpur starting late 2018, Your thoughts on this?


Definitely using the random airport near a city and call it the city’s name LCC model. Cheap slot costs for air asia and a good expansion for them.


thats so sick… cant wait to fly there

The company will have more operating funds to pay for but this is a good destination for travelers! Nice find, even for this type of “cheap and affordable” airline

Air Asia fly to tullamarine too

Won’t be surprised if they pull out from there for Avalon

They already cancelled flights to Bali from Melbourne… You never know

Hold up why does Victoria need a new international airport? Victoria is small and you can cross it in a morning run… Why not get another international airport for NSW or QLD, they’re big and are two of the three most populous states in Australia.

Kind of feels like Bangkok. Don Maueng is a LCC airport and surwannaburri(I can’t speak Thai) is the international airport. It covers an even smaller area. I feel like Jetstar/other LCC’s will move there after the Air Asia international flight(with very potentially) more to come. An example being scoot(SIA’s LCC)

With Avalon

  1. It has cheaper parking and operating costs
  2. It serves about 1/4 of Victoria’s population (Werribee, Greater Geelong, Western Districts)
  3. it’s been there for ages and is proven to be able to operate passenger movements (Jetstar operate flights to Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and Coolangatta)
  4. It brings a steady amount of visitors to the area not just when the airshow is around
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Honestly I think Jetstar will be looking to expand Avalon with their 787’s soon. The potential is there for sure

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Once Avalon build the international terminal they’ll have a look at the air asia flights and maybe fly their 787’s there

Jetstar already uses Avalon Airport. They fly to both Avalon and Tullamarine.

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Good shout


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