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Hey all, over the last few weeks I’ve opened my ATC tracking thread multiple times with no turn-ups. This problem has to lead to the following poll. If you are available to do some patterns and listen to ATC (this means you must know how to fly patterns and follow instructions correctly) then what time would best suit you to do some pattern work? Note only times I am available have been made an option. All times are in UTC.

  • 2000
  • 2100
  • 2200
  • 2400
  • 0000
  • 0100
  • 0200
  • 0300
  • 0400
  • 0500
  • 0600
  • 0700
  • 0800

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TIME ZONE? We service the Workd, LOL…


And 2400Z is same to 0000Z.


UTC sorry forget to meantion

A tip that will help that I use for ATC training. After each session when someone turns up, ask them if they would be ok being added to a list of people you can @ when you have a session. Then when you post that you are open, add a dropdown where you can add all there tags.

People who have attended my sessions

@anon70772274 are you available

That way, they get a notification. Side note, I use an app called WordBoard for stuff like that dropdown so I don’t have to write stuff over and over.


I wanna know who clicked 0000Z but not 2400Z

Yeah I know, UTC and Sydney conversion is hard enough for me so my mistake for putting them both in as I was going from 0700 and counting back to 1900 my time.

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Did you allow us to select 13 options on purpose?

Not a big deal, just that 13 is enough to select all the listed times. :)

Yeah I know because if you’re from the East side of Australia you’ll be available like the whole time so you should be able ot come whenever I say I’m open.

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They can set the topic notifications to watching…

2020-01-13T03:00:00Z is the best time usually on weekdays and 2020-01-12T23:00:00Z on weekends.

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How do I know they will? I’m just saying what works.

You can prompt them to set notifications to watching if they want to come again?

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