Available Civilian Airport Charts for Infinite Flight

Stop insisting on your ideas. CAA = Government

If you don’t understand that, then that is a no wonder you’re trying to probably pick a fight with me or something…

You don’t get how alternative charts are easier to comprehend because everyone thinks different.

And think. If let’s say we do encounter a CAA which restricts its data to only the aviation industry, human common sense, people will look for an alternative chart covering that aerodrome which its chart isn’t available on the CAA’s website.

Man, these files contain so much infotrmation.
I wish I had the knowledge to understand it all.

Haha everybody learns! The AIP is a real interesting document to read when you’re really bored 😂😂😂

Reading it is one thing.
Understanding it all is another. 😉

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Oh yes my good sir, read and understand!! 😂

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Most of it can’t be used because there isn’t enough space for all the waypoints.
Feel free to search and replace the EHAM chart if you find one from 2016.
And add its runway proper use please.

This post has been converted into a wiki. Fell free to modify the charts by adding their most current version (EBBR comes to mind).
Try to have the SID, STARS and the runway charts on a single PDF, to make them easy to navigate.
Keep the format though.
Thanks to all.

Thanks for your efforts in putting this chart list together. It will be vey helpful. I appreciate your time and effort.

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I asked for it to be made into a wiki. So if you have any up-to date chart, feel free to add it.

An Infinite Flight companion app may be the solution. Work in progress.


Again, do we prefer simplicity with one PDF over more up to date charts?

Yes, I would prefer it to be simple to navigate.

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Thank you so much for your respectable efforts. It is an advanced step to follow airports’ charts whether for ground movement,arrivals or departures, and they are possibly applicable to the amazing Infinite Flight software platform.
Only you may encounter two problems :
All IF virtual pilots and ATC Controllres should be aquainted to one trusted source of airports’ charts,
and that there should be a direct voice contact between ATC controllers and virtula pilots.

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For some reason I read Paris Orly Airport as Paris Only Airport.

You’re not the “Only” one hahaha

Awesome work, but dosnt sky vector defeat all this work? It’s easy to pull up charts and approach plates from skyvector, while planning your flighr

WOW!!! dude…you did all this!!..AMAZING AWESOME!!