Available Civilian Airport Charts for Infinite Flight

The ones for Singapore & Kuala Lumpur are accurate (at least for departures from WMKK with a southernly direction), I followed the points and had no problems.

Added San Diego Airport to Southern California. Missed that one.

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I’ve got a newer one for WSSS: https://www.scribd.com/doc/310085403/JeppView-WSSS-Chart

2004 is too old man lol

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No, that’s not good for WSSS. Why not use the government charts?


Why not make this a wiki so we together can collaborate to give the most up to date charts?

Then for the rest of the links posted above, everything should be from official sources… I do read through the AIP at times and yes, it is one comprehensive document for everyone…

I’ll revise the charts later today, I need to change some which have text in Spanish, and to see if the current charts still have their links available.
The government charts aren’t very helpful. Though official, my plan was to have every PDF in one topic, not adding a link to a website with several PDFs scattered.

I wouldn’t agree though… All people need is a quick link to what they need… So all the author needs to do is just to edit the links to correspond them to the official sources (e.g. FAA or CAAS for the respective airports) but I did notice that some CAAs restrict their content to only the aviation industry by locking it then only for those, we resort to using the most recent outdated charts…

Amazing job mate!thank you!

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I guess people just have to look out for the word AIP, AIC, NOTAM and so on when browsing the government sources… Or we could put the links to both the government source and alternative sources (such as AirNav and Jeppesen) together…

It would clutter everything.

Well, your choice man… You could use my link for WSSS

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So what you are saying is you want a PDF with all charts? Seems incredibly stupid when you have the most up to date charts available free and you still resist on using charts from like 2008…

It’s not a PDF with all charts if you are referring to the government sources. It would be more of a page with several links to other PDF files…

Yes, but what are you trying to say? Do you want a PDF with all the charts rather than a link to each one of them?

I don’t think anyone mentioned about a PDF with all charts…

What is the point you are trying to show me? Would you rather like unofficial charts from 2008-2012 than up to date official charts?

You don’t get my point here. Some prefer alternative charts from AirNav and/or Jeppesen because it’s easier to comprehend. My point, on the other hand is some CAAs do restrict their data to only the aviation industry (which means it’s off limits to us) so we can only resort to using the best outdated chart we can get anywhere.

I don’t get how that would be easier, sure, they are all in one file and one document or PDF or whatever you’d like to call it. But otherwise their charts are nothing different from Jeppesen ones.

We can still use the government links for those regions that allow the public to see them? Can’t we?

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