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Welcome to Official AirAsia Virtual Airlines Thread!


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AirAsia Virtual Airlines founded on July 19, 2019. We are Officially Virtual Airlines from Asia! AirAsia have Main HUB in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, Kuala Lumpur. However, we still know that pilots are the most important aspect of any VA and are always providing new and unique features to help them as the fly. With our crew system will help expedite the flight hours update process and will give pilots a new way to book and fly themsleves.

Why Do We Seen Appealing?

AirAsia is one of best LCC airlines in the world which has many selected routes to destinations on Asia continent with 9 parts operated. Where ‘‘AirAsia’’ as a Regional Connection and ‘‘AirAsia X’’ as liaison to various Countries around in the World.
We also changed the Callsign ‘‘VA’’ when flying to ‘‘AX’’ to make it look different when flying and allow pilots to fly according to Airline used, especially Codeshare Airline. we also added a Codeshare that connects a one Airport served by AVA to a Featured Region.

Hello everyone, my name is Abang Fayyad as President of AirAsia Virtual! I am proud to be trusted to lead this VA. I also invite all of you to join us in our fun in AirAsia Virtual. Hope i can meet you in the sky with AVA. Good day!

Staff IFC Role Callsign
@abang_fayyad President AVA801
@Nathanael_Phang Vice President AVA802
@RhendyAvGeek Flight Manager (FM) AVA803
@Nixon10 Flight Instructor (FI) AVA804
@AviatorGan Event Manager (EM) AVA805
@donnebanget IT Manager AVA806
@Ilham_Firdani Social Media Manager (MM) AVA807
@arkii Member Advisor AVA808
@IFPHG-Nilou Route Manager AVA809


AirAsia Malaysia AXM/AK Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
Indonesia AirAsia AWQ/QZ Jakarta (WIII)
AirAsia India IAD/I5 Bangalore (VOBL)
Thai AirAsia AIQ/FD Bangkok (VTBD)
AirAsia Zest APG/Z2 Manila (RPLL)
AirAsia Japan WAJ/DJ Tokyo (RJAA)
AirAsia X XAX/D7 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
Thai AirAsia X TAX/XJ Bangkok (VTBD)
Indonesia AirAsia X IDX/XT Denpasar (WADD)


Lion Group Virtual (LGVA) LNI/JT & BTK/ID Jakarta (WIII)
Qatar Airways Virtual (QRV) QTR/QR Doha (OTHH)
Indigo Airlines Virtual (6EVA) IGO/6E New Delhi (VIDP)
airBaltic Virtual (BTVA) BTI/BT Riga (EVRA)
Saudia Virtual (SVVA) SVA/SV Jeddah (OEJN)
Airbus Virtual (AIBVA) AIB/- Tolouse (LFBO)
Air China Virtual (CAVA) CCA/CA Beijing (ZBAA)
TAP Portugal Virtual (TAPVA) TAP/TP Lisbon (LPPT)
Turkish Airlines Virtual (TKVA) THY/TK Istanbul (LTFM)
Air Europa Virtual Airlines (UXVA) AEA/UX Barajas (LEMD)
Ethiopian Virtual (EYVA) ETH/ET Addis Ababa Bole (HAAB)
Oman Air Virtual (OMVA) OMA/WY Muscat (OOMS)
Ryanair Virtual (FRVA) RYR/FR Dublin (EIDW)
Virgin Virtual Group (VGVA) VIR/VS London Heathrow (EGLL)
New Zealand Virtual (NZVA) ANZ/NZ Auckland (NZAA)
Breeze Virtual (MXYV) MXY/MX Bradley (KBDL)

In addition to ranking system, we also give a special rewards to Pilots who take part in our Event or reach a certain number of hours.

Trainee : 0 - 20 Hours

Aircraft : Unlock: All A320-200 For Regular Routes & Weekly Routes

Third Officer : 21 - 50 Hours

Aircraft : Unlock: All Charter - Cargo - Repatriation Routes Program

Second Officer : 51 - 100 Hours

Aircraft : Unlock: All Delivery Routes & Historic Routes

First Officer : 101 - 200 Hours

Aircraft : Unlock: A330-300 Generic for All AirAsia X Family Routes

Captain : 201 - 400 Hours

Aircraft : Unlock: All A330-900 Neo AirAsia X for All AirAsia X Family Routes & Unlock All Codeshare Routes

Senior Captain : > 401 Hours

Aircraft : Unlock: AVA Private Jet Program Using A318-100

We use Discord as Official Communication Media among Administrators and Members to socialize, as well as a place to express aspirations, you will get our Discord Server after completing several Tests. and we also use VA Manager as Crew Center for Pirep Activities, Route Database, and Pilot Hours. You can view our Crew Center here.

  • Must be 13 years old and have IFC Account
  • Grade 3 or Higher (Have access Expert Server)
  • Be able to fly for AirAsia Virtual Airlines Minimum once every 1 Month
  • Professionalism when fly very comes first
  • Good standing at IFC and when flying and not included in IFVARB Wachlist / Blacklist
  • Be willing to join discord, our way of communication between Staff and Pilots

If you feel have the criteria as mentioned in above, Come On! Don’t hesitate to register immediately and join with us, we will immediately responding your recruitment so you can fly with us immediately!


For your Information, AirAsia Virtual Airlines is in not affiliated to the real-world AirAsia Airlines Co. Please visit AirAsia.com for information on their company and for real-world flight booking. All trademarks and logos remain property of their respective owners.


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Hello, i’ll check your registration now, i’m sorry for late response :)

Hello, come on join with us for exciting flying experience in India, We are happy to welcome anyone :)


Look, this week’s AVA Event is running from Nagoya (RJGG) - Sapporo (RJCC)… 8 Arrival to RJCC Now :D


Awesome event! Love to be a part of it


I became a participant of the event… As much as possible they will make the best event for the members 😍😍😍


Event on progress with Codeshare @IndiGo_Virtual… VIDP-OKBK