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The Soviets once had a turboprop known as the TU-114, which was faster, larger, and better than western turboprops. The TU-114 traveled at 900 KM/H, which is around the speed of modern day jet engine powered planes.


Adding to what @LegendaryRoro88 said. Tu-114 was based on Tu-95 which is still in service as a bomber.


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Just need to add on something here. More than 4 people survived, but most died before rescue came. Also, remember that IL-76/747 collision in India? Some people survived but died shortly after. And something else, there was a plane that exploded over the Amazon jungle, multiple people survived the impact, but only 1 walked away. She searched for help for multiple days, and by the time people found the crash, the other survivors had died from their injuries.


I read about that, I think the passenger count was higher when they landed than when they took off because one or two babies were born on that flight


Boeing 737-600 was the only 737NG to never get an option for winglet upgrade.
SAS was launch customer for the -600
Nickname for the -600 is Piglet


In 2003, A Boeing 727 (illegally) took off from Luanda Airport in Angola, where it had been stored for a long time. It was owned by a leasing company. The only 2 people onboard were Ben C. Padilla, a pilot and engineer and John M. Muntantu, a mechanic from the Republic of Congo. It was believed to be sighted in Conakry, Guinea but this was false, as said by the US department of State. It was never found.
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Another one is that during the filming of the movie Top Gun, a Pitts S-2 entered into a fatal flat spin and crashed off Carlsbad, CA into the Pacific Ocean. The pilot, Art Scholl died and the cause was never determined.


Yes, you are correct. Another info, among the dead was kyu sakamoto who is famous for his international hit Sukiyaki(Ue o muite arukou). But what killed the crash survivers that were alive until I the rescue came. Injury or the military? There are a lot of conspiracy theories about this crash. Here’s one of them.

Adding some stuff to yours. Your talking about the1996 Charkhi Dadri mid-air collision correct? The crash killed 349 people making it the third deadliest aviation accident. And the other flight your talking about is LANSA Flight 508 correct?
The flight was operated by a L-188 and 91 out of 92 passengers and crew died.


Originally, when DC-9 bucket thrust reversers were deployed, they were perfectly vertical. This brought up some issues so Air Canada modified them so the upper reverser bucket was angled in. You can tell that they are modified if they are angled.


Strap a jet engine to a brick and it’ll fly lol


I can get yea an F-35 flight🤷‍♂️. Sorry not sorry that bird just is not worth it IMHO.


Not counting fixed wing. They do not have any fighter jets, bombers, or refuelers. That falls to the job of the Air Force. The Army mostly operates Helicopters, but they do have AC-130s and C-130s for cargo purposes.


The Lights on a A320 - A321 all go up when you retract the landing gear


Including fixed wing, now fighters mid air refueling you’re right they don’t


As well as bombing. However Air to Ground like the AC-130 and A10.


Correct as I said. Just like the Army has more boats then the Navy but the navy has more aircraft carriers


I love this! At first I couldn’t understand or figure out that shape, how it works, but yesterday I was landing with a CitationX in IF and when I aplied reverse thrust… there it is, the verticals! I love that animation, wow!


KLM is the oldest airline still operating under the same name. But yes you are correct.