Av Facts, Lets hear what you have got!


I thought that was an American A-10 pilot


I bet a lot of people are pretty well adverse about information.


Frank Robinson the designer of the R22, made most of his helicopter parts in his oven


Negative I do have a couple A-10 facts. During operation Iraqi Freedom an A-10 was hit by a surface to air missile completely destroying its left engine and pretty much the entire left side of the bird. The pilot remained calm landed safely with A-10 still performing near perfect function. You can find photos of it online. I’m sitting at about 90% confidence it was OIF.


American Airlines used to fly an MD-11 from San Jose (SJC/KSJC) to Tokyo Narita (NRT/RJAA).


Every glider pilot knows spinning, most gliders used for training are able to attach additional „spinning weights“ at the tail to make it easier to enter a spin.


Fun Fact: The 737 MAX 10 landing gear was designed to fold a special way to fit in the smaller gear compartment so the fuselage didn’t need to be widened.


They also use to fly the 747SP (I think that was the model, I know they flew the 747) on the DFW-SJC route :)

This is what I remember, correct me if needed!


There was once an MD-12 program that was cancelled.

It was supposed to be like an A380. 2 decks and was going to be a Heavy.

But I think pretty much everyone knows about it.


Emirates used to operate the A330 and A340 before they consolidated their fleet into the 777s and A380s


In March 1943, a B-24 pilot shot down a Mitsubishi A6M Zero with his M1911.
Japan did not have a Air Force before, during WW2 and still doesn’t have a Air Force


Not really a fact, but I went to a camp where a B17 Bomber has crashed due to low altitude flying and low visibility. I was there for a week and you could still see the damage in the cliff face.


Did you know that American Airlines has 1,500
planes including American Eagle!

Thats a world record!


The longest ferry flight in the word is Malaysian Airlines’s Seattle to Kuala Lumpur by a B777-200ER. Covering around a whopping 20,044 kilometres.


Okay! Thanks, I knew I likely wasn’t true, it was 3 years ago anyways.


Did you know that JAL 123(b741SR) is the deadliest single aircraft accident killing 520 out 524 passengers and crew. It’s also the second deadliest aviation accident.
Did you know that Boeing planned to build a -3 variant for the 787 designed specifically for Japanese market just like the SR version for b741. This variant was cancelled when ANA converted it’s orders to -8 instead of -3.


Correction, 1.5 seconds according to Boeing


Correction to the correction, 2.0 seconds according to Boeing


There are no Airbus wide-body Aircrafts operated by any airline in India (all of 9W’s A330s are now grounded)
And soon, there will be only 2 operators of Boeing narrow-body Aircrafts in India namely SpiceJet and Air India Express as opposed to 5 Airbus narrow-body operators as Jet Airways is only flying 1 737-800 and that assuming that it will be grounded in the course of the coming days


wrong the X43A is the fastest(5000 Mph)