Av Facts, Lets hear what you have got!


My last one was a joke, here is the real answer:

one of the most deadly plane crashes actually happened on the ground


On average Heathrow takes 1,300 aircraft per hour. Normally an aircraft lands every 45 seconds!
A very stressful job indeed


Early MD-80’s had rounded tailcones while newer ones have a “screwdriver” tailcone.


The Wright Brothers’ first flight was on December 17th, 1903.


In 2006 a commercial airliner captain retrieved 200 British citizens from Lebanon to safety with a B757 during the Israel/ Hezbollah conflict. In 2008 the same captain flew again to return 106 RAF pilots and crew back home from Afghanistan and in the same year “rescued” 221 stranded British holiday makers from Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (HESH) back to London Gatwick (EGKK)… sleeping only 5 hours, before being called back to duty again to retrieve another 180 stranded British tourist from Greece island of Kos (LGKO) back to London. In 2016 he made history by delivering by himself the first B737 for Air Djibouti, East Africa, taking the route St Athan (EGSY) - Malta (LMML, for refuelling) - Djibouti Int’l (HDAM).

What makes this so special for me is that this legendary captain’s job before he was a pilot is the lead singer of my favourite heavy metal band growing up in the early 80’s-90’s: IRON MAIDEN.

His name is Paul Bruce Dickinson.

Their band’s customised B757 nick named “Ed Force One” with the callsign Flight 666 flew to 13 countries in 45 days for the IRON MAIDEN: FLIGHT 666 Concert Documentary Film in 2008.

Their band’s newly modified B747-800 jumbo jet also nicknamed “Ed Force One” flew to 36 countries across 6 continents for the IRON MAIDEN BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR in 2016 -2017.

And guess who’s doing all the piloting…! :P

Additional (unrelated to the above):

On Friday 13th, October 2017 a Finnair Flight 666 made its last flight to HEL (EFHK) before the callsign was retired for good (New call sign AY #954).

Flight 666 has been landing in HEL on Friday 13ths’, 21 times in total since 2006, no incidents superstitious or otherwise have ever been reported.


Boeing planned on building a 757-100 to seat 170ish pax but nobody wanted it.


The Boeing 747 holds the record for the largest number of passengers in one flight, it was an evacuation flight or something. The estimate was around 1,300, but likely more were carried as some children were not counted.


In 2018, China had 95 different airports that served over 1,000,000 passengers.

6 of the 9 largest airlines in China are named after cities or provinces.

All of the 9 largest airlines in China commenced operations within 9 years of each other.

Air China and China Southern commenced operations on the same day, while China Eastern commenced operations just 6 days earlier.

The world’s longest domestic flight is Hawaiian Airlines 89 (BOS-HNL) at 11 hours and 34 minutes long.

British Airways flies an A318 from EGLC to KJFK.

Iran Aseman Airlines recently retired a Boeing 727-100 that was in service for 55 years.


Did you know:
United’s roots trace back to Varney Air Lines in 1926, whilst Continental’s roots go back to Varney Speed Lines created in 1934. The two “root” airlines were both created by Walter T. Varney!
Although they were separated for more than 75 years, it is as if the 2 airlines were destined to become one!


The Concorde and Tu144 have a very close looking designs but the TU 144 is over 100 Mph faster the Concorde, the TU144 burns so much fuel that it only runs national routes!
Where I learned this from:


To get an Aircraft to ‘Spin’, you will have to enter a stall, by idling the throttle slowly, whilst maintaining an altitude, which will bleed off the speed, when the stall horn sounds, put full right or left rudder in, this should spin the aircraft, to recover, idle the throttle, apply full opposite rudder, pitch down to brake the stall, then climb out of the dive, some spins may not be as severe and do not require as much input. And some aircraft do not like to spin at all.

The main symptoms of a spin are:

•Stall Horn Sounding
•Rotary movement of aircraft
•Steep nose down attitude

This is not applicable for all spins


Southwest operates more 737s than any airline with a growing fleet of 754 aircraft.


The longest ferry flight I believe was the delta a330 from Singapore to Atlanta! i think this is right


I’m not so sure about that as Qantas flew their A332 from TLS to MEL, nonstop, with a 20 hour 4 minute flying time, whereas the Delta A330 flight from SIN to ATL was closer to 19 hours

I may be wrong though


Are you sure about this?

KDCA Total Passengers: 23,464,618

KIAD Total Passengers: 24,060,709


I just read, and Dulles recently passed the passengers served each year, so it was true, but it isn’t (seemingly) anymore


That must be from last year.


To test the stall horn on a 172 you blow/suck air into/out of it…


An Israeli F-15C pilot suffered a midair collision on a routine training exercise and landed with one wing only. Best part he had no idea he even had lost a wing.


Actually, IAD has regained its title of the most passengers served out of the 3 airports in the area