Av Facts, Lets hear what you have got!


got a double fact
united airlines is the largest operator of the 757-300
and Delta is the largest operator of the 757-200


Also a double fact here.

The U.S. Air Force is the largest air force in the world.
The U.S. Navy is the second largest air force in the world.


The US Army has more aircraft then every branch combined.


A special avionics system was built just for the Cessna 162 Skycatcher:

The Garmin G300.


I was the first to post that on here…


Did you know, before Freddie Mercury became famous, he was a baggage handler at London Heathrow


Sydney Airport’s (YSSY) Runway 16R/34L extension was partially funded by NASA for possible use as a Space Shuttle emergency landing facility.


FedEx aircraft logo has a arrow between the E and the X showing that it’s a delivery company.


Germany has an airline monopoly and Lufthansa is facing expensive fines from the EU as monopolies are actually illegal within the European union.


A quick fact:
did you know that a airbus aircraft either takes-off or lands every 1.4 seconds?


According to a Airbus documentary on RMC (French Channel), not only was she capable of landing alone but the A380 can park itself in case of bad weather.

Information was given by an employee of Airbus but I can’t find an article to back it up.


Delta is the only US Legacy airline still installing “TVs” in the back of their seats.

delta ftw


The Airbus A350 (not sure which variant) can seat up to 440 passengers.


The Cockpit of the F-22 Raptor is highly classified. Although it’s visual appearance is seen on the Internet, it’s what it is capable of in the eyes of the pilot that is kept under wraps.


It is physically impossible to open a cabin door/exit in flight whilst the aircraft is pressurised at altitude. The pressure difference is too great!


Ryanair has a 737 that is half Boeing House Colours, it has just left Stansted (I saw it whilst waking to customs)


The circumference of a 777’s engine is equivalent to the circumference of the 737’s fuselage.

  • Did you know that Airbus has sold around some 19,282 aircraft

This is info from END OF MARCH 2019

  • Did you know that to paint an A380 exterior it needs approx 3,600 litres of paint are required.


Southwest Airlines has over 500 Boeing 737-700 aircraft, and is the planned launch customer of the 737-MAX7


Flying is in fact not easy, there is more to it than just turning the autopilot on.