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Ryanair are the only airline to have fold out stairs on their 737 (I think)


A Boeing 737 lands and takes-off from around the world approximately every 5.5 seconds ;)


The Boeing 747-8F can hold a Million pounds of payload (fuel and cargo) and still stop in under a min at V1, without reverse thrusters and worn breaks.


A plane powered by a GE (General Electric) engine takes off every 2 seconds (on average).


Donkeys kill more people than plane crashes per year (Before 2019)


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The Boeing 717 can’t fly from Hawaii to SFO, when they need to service it they put extra fuel tanks in the cabin and fly it overwater!


Your Welcome! Let’s keep the thread rolling.


In 1987 American airlines saved 40,000$ by removing 1 olive from each salad served in first class.


Best one yet!


You can fly Solo at 14 in Canada…


In New York State, you can solo a plane before you get a drivers license (16 solo, 17 license)


That’s actually the same for a lot of Countries! Including the UK 😉

Still a fact though 🤷🏽‍♂️


Robert G. Ferry Holds the record for the longest flight In a helicopter distance wise, over 2,000 miles with out refueling. Robert flew from Cali to Florida taking him over 15 Hours to complete he used a OH6


Correct https://youtu.be/unZeusTrDX4


Ryanair only has one 737-700


EasyJet used to operate the 737


As high as airplanes seem on a standard desktop globe they would be just 1/10 of an inch off the surface. The ISS just 3.5 inches.


Gonna throw a triple fact at you all

  1. Lufthansa purchases more than 10 tons of Caviar per year.
  2. Stewardess is the longest word in the English language that is typed entirely with the left hand.
  3. The first female flight attendants were hired in 1930 by United Airlines.