Autothrottle going haywire

So, ive recently been messing around in IF, and ive noticed that the autothrottle just likes doing massive increases and decreases in power, rather than slowly decreasing the rate at which it increases/decreases the throttle as it reaches the target airspeed… anyone know anything about that?

Device: Samsung A51
Operating system: Android 13


Is it still maintaining airspeed? And/or is this during a speed or altitude change? I have always felt like the infinite flight auto throttle was a little too quick to react to exactly maintain airspeed. Especially in gusty conditions it often makes dramatic throttle changes to try to maintain airspeed.

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I just had the same experience today. Actually,
I’m doing a long haul now and when i was at about 10,000 feet agl the throttle went crazy.i’ll share the video if anyone wan’t to see. This was on expert server going from eham to klax.

It was trying to maintain the airspeed, but as for wind… there was none. Id set the autothrottle to 140 KIAS, as i was trying to land a 737-800, and thr throttle had the speed fluctuating from as low as 115 KIAS to as high as 170 KIAS…

This could either be wind shear or high turbulence most likely

I think thats just how autothrottle is in IF. It does that for me as well, basically always. Hammering the throttle back and forth. Thats why i also avoid changing the set speed while autothrottle is engaged, its just gonna either slam the engines down to 20% (N1) or basically aim for full throttle.

All in all, i think IF just needs an autopilot rework

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Might be, but when i was at 10,000 it was about 20kts wind

It’s either the weather having an effect which is normal or it’s a glitch, i doubt it’s a glitch tho

Maybe. But i’ve been using if since 2014 and have never had a problem likes this until about 2022.

Different aircraft have different sensitivities in terms of weather.
The throttle slider can be rather “nervous” in some situations.
I haven’t had an aircraft actually speed up and slow down without gusts though.

A couple of questions:

  • which aircraft are we talking about?
  • is it easily reproducible?
  • anything else that might help figuring out what’s going on?

Aircraft: 737-800, DC-10F, etc (all basically)
Easily reproducible: yep
Anything else: see attached video

Also, forgot to mention in video description - app a/p is active

This is due to the wind conditions. It’s not an error in that manner but a less then perfect behavior of the AP trying to be too “precise”.

But is there any way for the a/p to not have the massive swings? Also, going on from that, i tried killing the wind, as this was in singleplaher, but it dodnt do anything…

Not as things are right now, it’s not.
Regarding the wind - did you have turbulence set to something? Since that would give you similar results.

I did some extra testing with a 738.
So far, the only way to get the throttle to behave like in the video is when Wind Gusts was set to around 25 kts.
Wind Velocity was set to 5 kts.
In my tests the setting for Turbulence didn’t make a difference in terms of speed and throttle.

When Wind Gusts was set to a lower value, the speed and throttle behavior became much more stable, which is to be expected.

So I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

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