Autothrottle coupled to VNAV

In anticipation of the eventual implementation of VNAV for both ascent and descent, I believe it would be useful to be able to set airspeed for a given altitude. Though not intended as some way to circumvent the violations for overspeeding, it would remove what can be quite an encumbrance, particularly if you’re being directed around a busy airspace

Particularly for VA event flights where there are several pilots in a long line, it can be difficult to maintain spacing. Same goes for busy approaches; most of us follow a fairly standard procedure for velocities as they relate to altitudes in the most critical phases of flight. It would be far more straightforward to set all of that up in advance.

This could even be integrated into SIDs and STARs, perhaps?

I was thinking of the same thing but I don’t think there is such thing IRL, where you can set the airspeed at various waypoints in your FPL. Therefore I doubt this will be implemented into the sim. If there is such thing then I might vote for this…

I like this idea! I’ll be sure to stick around a watch it.

Well, that actually exists IRL, is the VNAV Climb, they put the altitudes and speeds they want in the FMC or MCDU, both for Climb and descend using the SIDs, STARs and APPRs


I couldn’t remember what they called it; thanks for reminding me of the correct terminology!

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Oh wow really? Thanks, I never actually knew that

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Absolutely right.

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