Autosave flight

There seems to be lots issues that people think about global:(

What if your doing a long haul flight and your device crashes? I think there should be an auto save on global so that you can spawn back on the last save point and get straight back into your flight :)

i don’t want to sound negative I just hope FDS listens to all of our feedback


I’m not sure about that…

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Yeah,surely.But we don’t think on negative things in global,we only wait this…

You’ll just have to wait for the update to see what they’ve got in store for us.


The same that happens now

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Yeah I know that it happens at the moment but wouldn’t you be more annoyed if it crashes 4 hours into a flight? yes

Yes, but that wasn’t your question

But it relates to the question

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Auto save would be a great option.


What exactly would you want to save?

My question is do you want people randomly spawning in on final to a busy airport?

I understand frustration from crashes but there needs to be a realism limit.


Maybe like only from FL200 and upwards…


Perhaps in the event of an app crash (not manually quiting), it would give the user the option to respawn, but only for say 5 minutes, affording them just enough time to restart their device and get them back up and running.


You must be in stable flight above 10,000ft/4,000ft above destination airfield if over 6,000 ft AMSL. I can deal with that restriction.

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That would work better, maybe when not in contact with ATC?

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Hasn’t there already been lots of topics like this?

I flew for almost 1 hour but my device crashed when I was approaching how unlucky is it :(

YES definitely this must be in the game

A pretty cool idea. It could save your flight every 30 seconds or so.

In TS1, FL200 is a standard flight level to be on final.