Autopoilot disengagement leading to 2 violations

On my recent flight, I had vnav and lnav engaged but decided to disengage itself leading to speeding above 260kts and causing me to have 2 violations as I was not able to act in time.

Anyway I can get rid of these violations by any chance?

Operating system:

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Feel free to message @ Appeals if you feel it was a system error.

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Going to need more information bro… i find it hard to believe that the autopilot would disengage itself for no reason.

90% of those errors are done by the user because they accidentally hit a wrong button. I doubt this was the fault of the app

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Try to recall the events in your mind, it may have been an accidental click or something of the sort.

Trying to instigate I see…

Do you want me to?

Go for it.

Seriously? This was literally answered in the first reply…