Hi guys thats me again i have a big problem with autopilot
When i set heading for example im at 12k feets and i have to turn left i set heading to 230 or something else it doesnot work after 10 secs it turns but so slowly I cant Control the aircraft also dont think im dumb i know how to fly before all was working good

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I tired reading that in one breath but I almost fainted.

Punctuation saves lives.

Something doesn’t sound right…because when I use AP and change my heading, I have to do it slowly or the aircraft will turn to sharply and my passengers would end up with their faces against the windows


I would love to see that😂

@stan , reset your app in the settings…last tab, that might fix it…

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So you’re saying that there is a delay in the autopilot responding to heading changes inputted by the user? Is this a problem with a specific aircraft? Some clearer and more detailed info would help.

AH I finally fixed the problem and i didnt explain it good cuz its hard to do :(
I also had idea to upload video but i didnt have internet connection

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