Hi everyone.
I encounter lot of problems with the approach A.P.
Sharp turn, lands on taxiway, butter the bread at a - 4000 feets/min… And do 720 turns by itself and with no reason apparently.
Do anyone has it too?
Someone can help me?
Good day.
Nono45FR :)

Have you read Marks tutorial about appr?

I am sure it will help you understand better :)


You can read the documentation of APPR here:


Watch the toutorial on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel

This really helped me out

@JaguarGaming I have already linked the topic regarding the video and more about the appr. Please, make sure you don’t post the same things that someone else has already posted above minutes before you did 😉

Let’s just say it was a short cut to the video! And BTW, I don’t think 2 minutes is that long

2 minutes are enough :) It just clogs up the thread, that’s all. Shoot me a PM if you want to discuss anything else! Now back on you @Nono45_FR; Did the tutorials linked above help?

Hey, you always want or check your glidescope and localizer to make sure they align with your desired runway. This will give you the best chance of a smooth approach and landing!

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You can vote for a APPR rework here


Thank you, I don’t know this video. Now I think I’ll be landing safely x)

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