I am new to Infinite Flight. I have several questions about the autopilot. I have tried entering the data before I take off but once I engage the autopilot everything changes to the current conditions. Trying to re-adjust everything while getting the gear up, flaps and flying the airplane makes the workload on takeoff very heavy. I tried taking off with the runway heading and altitude set but I still have to adjust vertical speed and airspeed which causes a very erratic climb.

Any suggestions from some of the pros would be very much appreciated.

Try engaging A/P(VS) when the that circle thing is nearby the pitch indicator :blush:
This eliminates the chance of heavy takeoff

It would help to climb manually at first. Then engage auto pilot and set parameters a little further from lift off.


Co-Pilot’s would be great!😀

IF does not have an actual auto pilot, it does not have a FMS.
All you can do is simulate auto pilot by locking the vertical and horizontal which means you have to continously monitor the instruments and make adjustments as necessary (as you found out :)).

Thanks Thomas. That explains it.

I wonder how much programming and memory would be involved to add a FMS system? You could add an FMS button to the flight planning page which would give you the option of operating your flight plan in an FMS mode or with a conventional autopilot setup.