Autopilot with a complete mind of its own

Hi, today I was flying the A350, set the auto pilot. All was good, until i started descending. I was rapidly decending, the auto pilot was goeing below its assigned altitude. I set my VS to +2000 as I almost get my 3rd violation. I crashed.


Good question.
I see you had flight spoilers extended also. I would just shut it off and then put it back on next time.

doesn’t even look like you have an ils tuned in. You’re still running on gps.
Check this out.

Spoilers were extended because I did not want another violation

I was following ATC vectors fine.

Its annoying as I love the A350.

This screenshot is deceiving. I see that your VS is -3700 however how do we know when you armed the Autopilot? This appears to be pilot error and we have to keep in mind that the 350 is a large aircraft that is a bit slippery especially with aggressive descent values. Your best bet is to slow down a bit more next time, add some positive trim and level off if the speed brakes aren’t enough to slow you.


You said

and we don’t have a way to tell when you set it.

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At the start of the flight.

I think your best course of action for next time is to slow down by utilizing the spoilers and slowing your descent profile which may involve you having to level off at times. Flaps 1+F at 240+ IAS is a bit much too. Once you come below 10000 you should be working your way down to approach speeds. The 350 cuts through the air so you have to be careful, be mindful of this and a good practice server for it would be the Casual Server.