Autopilot VS issue

Hello everyone, today, after I took off from EHAM and set the autopilot for 3000VS, it went ahead and exceeded 3000VS to 6000+VS. This is the second time it happens to me. Aircraft is a B737-700.

Has anyone experienced this issue?


How are you setting the autopilot? Meaning do you set the VS then hit altitude or hit altitude then adjust the VS.

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Hit altitude then adjust VS.

The best thing is to activate autopilot when stable. I do that all the time. Works like a charm. If it wouldn’t work for your case, consult a mod or a community member for asistance

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I was stable, I activated the autopilot and then it went over the VS that I’ve set.

Set altitude before takeoff. When you set an altitude with VS on A/P, the plane will bounce 🏀

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If it doesn’t work contact a mod

You don’t have speed set, also at flaps 10 when going over 200kts.

What I usually do:
Take off
Gear up, get speed set to <200
Flaps up
Set altitude, speed up to 240
Adjust VS as necessary

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I did set altitude before takeoff.

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Contact a mod, it may be a well known issue because i’m fron flying a 737 and it worked perfectly.

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There’s no need to contact a mod.

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll have a go.

So when you adjust the VS do you have to adjust it up or down? P.S your set altitude is wrong for your direction of flight 😜

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What’re you trying to say here?

So when you select altitude then it sets the current VS are you above or below your target of 3,000?

You mean not enough altitude?

No, I was at 2900 I believe. Maybe less.

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Easterly heading odd thousands westerly heading even thousands your basically 16,000 on a easterly heading. 👍

Did you mean I should’ve set my altitude to FL160?

Thanks for the message! As many others said, stabilize your climb prior to activating the VS. I always set altitude without activating that aspect of AP. Activating VS AP will automatically enable the altitude AP as well.

Another thing that can cause a rapid increase in VS when setting is an agreessive angle of attack, regardless of your vertical speed at the time of setting it. At a steep angle your aircraft is going to continue at that speed and climb rate until your AP can get it under control and gradually reduce back to the VS you set.

Again, stabalize, then set. This goes for all aspects of AP and even APPR.

In the future this would be more appropriate in #live, as there is no bug, simply a user input that others can help correct. :)