Autopilot VS Issue During Initial Take Off

I’ve got a weird autopilot issue.
VS seems to be increasing on its own.

Whenever I’m doing patterns at EHRD, right after take off things start to go wrong.
As shown in the picture, ALT has been set to 1500 and VS to 2000 with a speed of 170 kts.
Then suddenly VS starts increasing rapidly. As you can see the actual VS has already reached almost 5000 ft/m. Eventually the aircraft will stall and crash. Turning off A/P and getting the nose down is the only option.

The weird thing is that this always happens when I take off the first time. When doing T&G’s all other take offs go just fine. I again set ALT to 1500, climb out while increasing VS slowly and hit VS when it’s around 2000. I then adjust it to exactly 2000 and all goes as planned. Only the initial take off has this issue.

I was flying a KLM 739 on the Expert Server.
I’m using an iPad Pro 12.9 inch (iPadPro1) with iOS 10.1.1.
IF version

Does anyone else have this issue?


It might be because more are flaps needed at 170 IAS.


U should try lowering ur weight and setting ur flaps to 10° depending on the your takeoff weight and speed. Also try to complete ur initial climb out without autopilot. If ur going to takeoff and put autopilot on right after then it will be best for u to take off with autopilot

There is nothing wrong with take off speeds, weight or flaps.
This is a weird bug.
A/P and VS should never behave this way.
It doesn’t always happen, but when it does it’s only during initial take off.

I’ll try to do some more research.
I never experienced this with the 777 and 787.
I’ve been flying the 739 a lot lately. I’ll switch to the 737 to see if I can replicate the issue.

That’s a 737 cockpit, not a 787

Who said it was a 787?

You did? :P I’m confused

It clearly says 739, which is a 737-900.
No 8 anywhere.


OMG I’M ACTUALLY BLIND. I’m very tired right now and I read the 3 as an 8. I’m so sorry for the mistake. I’m going to specsavers now


Look at this:







Where’s Waldo?



me at this moment:
-check trim
-AP off
-TOGA thrust
-vs to 0
(and if I stall)
menu; end flight; apie c:

I spy that 3


I was having the same problem w the E190, Im flying NUC-PSP and at 31000, i start diving. Just fly manually for 5 mins

@Jan does the problem still occur if you increase your climb out speed to 200 knots? I regularly fly the 737 and I’ve never seen this problem - my initial climb out rate is an increase to 210 knots at 3000fpm, flaps 5, and flaps retracted crossing 3000feet once I reach 200-210 knots

Your pitch looks a little high, try not to exceed 15 degrees pitch on initial climb

That’s because the A/P goes crazy. That is the issue I’m having!


That’s a really words bug, I suggest contacting David, he’s in charge of all the tech support stuff

I’ll try.
Pattern speed is 170 kts.
It’s just so weird it only happens during the initial take off.
The next T&G’s are just fine. In the same conditions.