Autopilot VS Activation

I’ve been playing IF for a whilst now, and I can’t seem to get the transition between take off and the activation of the VS of the autopilot to be smooth. My plane always pitches the nose forward, then goes back to the set VS.

Is there a way to fix this or get the trassition a bit smoother?

Thanks guys.

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It’s all to do with the speed and others. You’re not supposed to use autopilot on takeoff and landings anyway :/

What I mean is, after take off I engage it. Not on the runway, which I think is what you thought I meant.

It does it because of the angle and the speed, it tries to correct itself incorrectly so it does that big verticle wobble thing :P

You need to set the trim right. Your yoke should be in a neutral position when you activate autopilot.


That’s what I meant ;)

See this video by @Thomas_Hense:

We don’t have Flight director but we have Flight path vector(FPV). Wait for FPV to get close to your nose angle then activate VS. or you can always nose angle bit higher then drop it down a bit to get FPV to your nose angle then activate VS.

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First off, IF does not have auto pilot, and it does not have trim tabs.

In IF, you control your pitch with the elevators. The auto VS locks your elevators in a selected position, so it imitates a trimmed aircraft flown with a joystick or yoke instead of a gyro, except with IF, your are locked in into that trim position until you either manually adjust or disengage the VS.

The reason we experience the nose bump is because when the auto VS is engaged the elevators very quickly reset to the zero position, before returning to the position you selected.

To avoid this you need to “trim” your elevators to the same position they will be in at a preselected speed, weight and climb rate. This “trim” position will now be the new zero position.

It involves some trial and error, but made easier if you use the same constants.
For example ;
Make 230kts and 10 degree climb as your constant. Select a take off weight and use the same weight each time.
Now it is a matter of adjusting your “trim” until the bounce is eliminated.

It is actually not as difficult as it sounds.

Here is a take-off portion of a flight video I took today.


@jooeball beat me to my own video :)


@GatwickGuy I forgot to mention that key point, thanks :)

Hehehehe ;) I’m literally on YouTube 24/7.


Thanks for your help guys, it is much appreciated !